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Professor Lu Zhiwei (C.W. Luh) was born in 1894 at Wuxing in the province of Zhejiang. After his graduation at Soochow University in 1913, he went to the United States to pursue his study of psychology in the University of Chicago, where he got his Ph.D. degree. From 1920 on, he taught successively at Nanjing Teachers College, Southeastern University and Yenching University until 1952, when he became a research professor in the Institute of Linguistics, the Chinese Academy of Science. Professor Lu was a versatile scholar. As a teacher of psychology, he was one of the founders of that science in China. Then he turned his attention to philological studies and published a series of papers and monographs on Ancient and Archaic Chinese phonology as well as a study of word-structure of present-day Chinese with a view to its romanization. Well-versed in both Chinese and Western literature, he was one of the vanguards of "New Poetry" and the author of three volumes of verse: Crossing the River (1923), New Year and Other Poems (1933) and Songs of the Monkey Year and Chicken Year (1933). He died in 1970 in Beijing.

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