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Humor from Asia
Joy, fun, cool, funniness and humor from Asia, ...

Powerful photo-collection
Regions and cities, Art and culture, Architecture and palaces, Faces of Asia, Martial arts of China, Wallpapers, ...

Wushu Federation of Odessa Region
Wushu in Odessa. Supported site ...

Asian girls
Beautiful and sexy Asian girls. You can see them and vote who are better …

Most women students approve of premarital sex: survey
Nearly 90 percent of female postgraduates at an east China university said premarital sex is acceptable, according to a recent survey on the campus.

Women master men... and their wallets
Chinese women have strong say in household purchases, though it's usually the men who foot the bill, a recent survey indicates.

China pledges more help for poor while targeting steady economic growth
In his annual "state of the nation" address to parliament at the Great Hall of the People, Wen said a priority of the government would be to ensure the country's rapid social and economic development was not reckless.

IOC Official Hopes 2008 Olympics Leave Unique Legacy for China
The 2008 Olympic Games should not only be a sporting event, but also leave a unique legacy for China,a top official from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said here on Friday.


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