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Humor from Asia
Joy, fun, cool, funniness and humor from Asia, ...

Powerful photo-collection
Regions and cities, Art and culture, Architecture and palaces, Faces of Asia, Martial arts of China, Wallpapers, ...

Wushu Federation of Odessa Region
Wushu in Odessa. Supported site ...

Asian girls
Beautiful and sexy Asian girls. You can see them and vote who are better …

China starts to introduce more puberty sex knowledge books
China has recently introduced its first cartoon book series on puberty and sex education from the Republic of Korea.

More efforts urged to crack down on illegal publications in 2005
China will exert more efforts to crack down on pornography and illegal publications in 2005, aiming to create a favorable cultural environment for its reform and opening up and socialist modernization drive, a senior party official said.

US Firm Wins 2008 Beijing Games Venue Design Contest
Construction of Olympic venues is one of the top priorities for Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2008 Olympic Games (BOCOG), which has invited tenders from all over the world for the overall planning of Olympic Green and Wukesong Culture & Sports Complex, two main venues for the 2008 Olympics.

Japan should properly handle "sex slave" issue: FM Spokesman
Forcing women to be sex slaves is a severe crime committed by the Japanese militarism during World War II, and China demanded the Japanese side to seriously treat and properly handle such issues left after the war.


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