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Humor from Asia
Joy, fun, cool, funniness and humor from Asia, ...

Powerful photo-collection
Regions and cities, Art and culture, Architecture and palaces, Faces of Asia, Martial arts of China, Wallpapers, ...

Wushu Federation of Odessa Region
Wushu in Odessa. Supported site ...

Asian girls
Beautiful and sexy Asian girls. You can see them and vote who are better …

Most women students approve of premarital sex: survey
Nearly 90 percent of female postgraduates at an east China university said premarital sex is acceptable, according to a recent survey on the campus.

Promoting condoms - who needs them most
Some time ago, around World AIDS Day this year, a number of Shanghai college students took part in promotional activities on streets and public squares to raise awareness of AIDS. Young ladies handed out free condoms to locals, making a splash on the newspaper headlines.

UN peacekeepers in Congo face sex abuse charges
UN peacekeepers in the Congo are continuing to sexually abuse and exploit women and girls, some as young as 13, according to a UN watchdog agency.

Beijing Bending on a Grand Olympiad 2008: Analysis
Since Beijing won its bid for the 2008 Olympics Games, people throughout the world have all been riveting their attention on China. They have their focus on whether or not and how China is going to fulfil its promises made and the pledge "to host the best ever Olympiad in the history of Olympic Games".


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