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Promoting condoms - who needs them most
Some time ago, around World AIDS Day this year, a number of Shanghai college students took part in promotional activities on streets and public squares to raise awareness of AIDS. Young ladies handed out free condoms to locals, making a splash on the newspaper headlines.

Ninety-seven phone sex lines closed in China
The Chinese government has investigated about 700 phone services stations and closed 97 phone sex lines, sources with the Ministry of Information Industry (MII)said.

Japan rejects compensation for Chinese war victims
The Tokyo High Court on Wednesday rejected a suit by four Chinese women seeking damages from the Japanese government for being forced as sex slaves to Japanese aggressors during World War II, but met strong discontentment and protest from the plaintiffs and others.

Young people show more conservative attitudes towards sex
A recent survey finds local young people in Hong Kong have become more conservative in their attitude on sex - with an increasing number of them disapproving of divorce, abortion, pre-marital sex and multiple sex partners.


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